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OnerPro breaks into the Chinese market

With over 200-million vehicles on the road, China is no doubt one of the biggest markets when it comes to car detailing. That is why we are proud to announce that OnerPro is now represented in China by its sole distributor, Zhejiang Yuneng New Material Technology Co. Ltd. (浙江驭能新材料科技有限公司).

Within the next 6 months, OnerPro China plans to set up licensed dealers and installers in 21 different major cities and provinces across the country, including Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangdong. Staff training will be provided to ensure consistent top-quality installs at every outlet.

To further promote the OnerPro brand, we participated in the 2017 GTShow held in Suzhou International Expo Center at the invitation of Armytrix. This Lamborghini LP-700 was used to demonstrate the result of a OnerPro paint protection film installation.

If you’re looking for a top-tier PPF installation, visit OnerPro China's website to find an installer in your area.


Zhejiang Yuneng New Material Technology Co. Ltd. (浙江驭能新材料科技有限公司)

Phone no.: +86-400-046-4900

Address: Room 502, 669 Jeifang Avenue, Yue Cheng District, Shao Xing, China




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