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OnerPro Spectrum & Vinyl Update

We’re only 3 months into 2020, but it’s shaping up to be a great year for OnerPro. After launching the OnerPro Spectrum series earlier this year, we are now following up with 2 major announcements.

Our first announcement is an expansion of the Spectrum series. In addition to our new customer-favorites (Black, Matte, Nacre and Pearl), we are now introducing a fifth option, the Spectrum Matte Black. Inspired by the non-reflective paint work often seen on armored vehicles, our Matte Black paint protection film delivers on both presentation and protection. Not only does it give you a quick way to change the look of your car, the maintenance of this film is also far easier compared to traditional matte paints.

The second announcement we have for you is the official launch of the OnerPro Vinyl

series. Unlike OnerPro Spectrum, our Vinyl films focus solely on providing color changes on your vehicles. This new line includes more than 200 different films of various shades and finishes, promising you a perfect fit for your next customization. Our Vinyl films are also developed with texture in mind, eliminating common issues such as orange peel and ensuring a flawless finish.

If you’d like to learn more about our new products, make sure to send us a message through email or social media!

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