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Termination of Partnership with Wrapstyle Thailand

OnerPro Technologies Corp. is officially announcing the termination of partnership with Wrapstyle Thailand. Starting March 23, 2020, Wrapstyle Thailand will no longer be recognized as OnerPro’s authorized distributor in Thailand or any other regions.

This decision follows OnerPro’s discovery of unethical and irresponsible business practices carried out by Wrapstyle Thailand, including falsely advertising and distributing paint protection films sourced from unofficial channels. OnerPro cannot verify the origin of these films being sold under our brand name and are therefore unable to cover these films under our warranty program.

After numerous attempts to communicate and resolve the aforementioned issues to no avail, OnerPro is exercising the right to terminate the existing distributorship contact with Wrapstyle Thailand, effective immediately.

Due to above stated reasons, OnerPro regrettably cannot guarantee the authenticity of OnerPro paint protection film distributed by Wrapstyle Thailand. Affected installers and OnerPro users should contact us directly through email for further assistance.

For further information on sales of OnerPro products in Thailand, please contact our sales department at

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