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OnerPro Lite | OnerPro Supreme + Product Launch

OnerPro is proud to announce the launch of two new product lines, OnerPro Supreme + and OnerPro Lite, just ahead of the new year.

In 2017 alone, over 73-million cars are produced worldwide. These vehicles range drastically in terms of performance and price point, but every single vehicle deserves to be given the best protection. With that in mind, OnerPro is expanding our existing product catalogue to include two new paint protection films to cater to car owners with different needs.

The first addition to the OnerPro line-up is OnerPro Lite. This new film comes in at a thickness of 7.2mil (+/-0.005mm), with a compact, high-stability coating that is proven to be anti-rock chips and anti-chemicals, Completed with a 10-year factory warranty, OnerPro Lite allows an even wider audience to enjoy affordable, all-round paint protection.

Another newcomer is the OnerPro Supreme +. This exceptional film owes its unprecedented longevity of 20 years to a glass-crystalline coating that provides complete insulation, protecting the car paint from chemical and physical abrasion. With these latest upgrades, this film is the perfect investment for car owners looking for reliable and long-term protection for their priced vehicles.

Both OnerPro Lite and OnerPro Supreme + will be made available first in the Chinese market. If you’d like to learn more about our film or how you can work with OnerPro products, send us a message today!

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