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Why DIY Paint Protection Film is a Bad Idea

Any car buff worth his (or her) salt will tell you how satisfying it is to wash, wax, or even restore a car. After all, what could be better than seeing your hard work pay off and being able to drive around in a gleaming car that you’re proud of? While we’re the last people who would discourage an honest day of car detailing fun, there are certain things that are best left to the professionals, and like an open-heart surgery, this is one of them. And here is why:

Reason 1: B-films

Here’s the thing about paint protection films; they’re not cheap. And the reason they

are priced the way they are is because they are very difficult to manufacture. To produce a high-quality roll of film with little to no defects is not always possible, and the rolls that come out not so perfectly? Well, those are most likely the ones that you will be buying from the internet at a discount. Defective paint protection films are prone to orange peels, stretch marks and adhesive problems, and while they can technically still offer protection to your car, they are going to affect the vehicle's appearance and cause more problems down the road when you eventually remove the films.