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OnerPro Paint Protection Films to the rescue

We’ve all heard the naysayers claiming that millennials are killing, amongst every other thing under the sun, the car industry. Hey, we get it. After all, why would you spend your little nest egg on a vehicle when you could use it to hop on a plane for some Mai Tais on the beach? However, there is something ultimately satisfying about buying the thing you want and calling it your own, and as purchases go, few things are as practical as a motor vehicle.

Assuming you’re one of the fiscally responsible people who actually took the plunge and got your dream car, you have to wonder at some point, how do you make your investment last as long as possible? Although the average life-expectancy of a car is around 8 years, your paint job might last significantly shorter. Car manufacturers have taken to use water-based paint instead of solvent-based paint on their motor vehicles in recent years. The reduced durability means that even though your car will be running fine for years to come, it might not be Instagram-worthy after a few short months.

To keep your car in tip-top condition, most people give their cars regular waxes or apply chemical sealants to the vehicle service. While waxes and sealants do provide a certain level of protection, the application process inevitably involves abrasion. That translates to a risk that your paint job will be damaged every time you bring your car in for servicing.

So how do you keep your car looking #flawless for as long as possible? Well, there is an easy solution. Just as the screen protector that you’ll undoubtedly put on your brand-new iPhone X, there is a physical barrier that you can put around your vehicle to prevent scratches and paint chips. That barrier, my friends, is the paint protection film.

Originally developed by the military to protect helicopter wings in combat zones (that’s how you know they’re the real deal), paint protection films have since trickled down to the commercial market to protect your prized possessions. There are dozens of different brands available in the market, and each one of them will promise to protect your car against bugs, rocks, water stains, and anything else that might come in contact with your car paint, all with minimal maintenance. Sounds pretty great right?

As amazing as it may sound, however, there is a major downside to paint protections films - it is still relatively expensive compared to other car protection solutions, especially if you go for the big brands. After dropping over twenty grand on your car, do you really still want to fork out major dough for extra protection?

That’s where OnerPro comes in. Based in Toronto, OnerPro employs nanotechnology in its products to ensure their self-healing and hydrophobic features. Its OnerCut software allows installers to generate pre-cut paint protection films for precise and easy installation. There is no sanding, no abrasion, and once it’s on your car, it can eliminate any pre-existing fine scratches. This is, of course, all at a surprisingly affordable price that will not break the bank.

OnerPro is already available in most Asia countries, and the company is rapidly expanding. We’re expecting OnerPro to be the next big thing in paint protection technology, so get in now on the ground floor and give that new car of yours the pampering it deserves.

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