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No Steamer? No Problem.

One of the indispensable tools that should be in every paint protection film installer's arsenal is the trusty steamer. From lift marks to hard-to-wrap edges, there are a number of installation problems that can only be fixed with the unique combination of heat and moisture. Now imagine you're in the middle of an installation; You turn on the steamer only to find that the today's the day it decides to stop working. The client's coming to pick up his car in 2 hours, and you don't have time to run to the store. What do you do then?

Edges to be wrapped

The good news is, a steamer is probably not the only means of solving your particular problem. While perhaps not as handy as a portal steamer, you will find that a pot of near-boiling water (from say, the water cooler) will do just as fine a job when it comes to molding and adhering paint protection films. All you'll have to do is to drench the section of film you'd normally steam, proceed with your install, and you've got yourself a handy solution.

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